UDA_Beta 驅動程式一事英文版說明

由於在 3 月 8 日,世界各地的英文網站才開始注意到 SB Live! 5.1 安裝 UDA_Beta 驅動程式後可以獲得大部分 SB Audigy 功能一事,且將事件來源直接指向我們網站,並且討論從香港寄出的律師信函是否得當一事,所以造成在 3/8 當天,網站瀏覽人次激增。有鑑於都是國外朋友來訪,所以特別請網友 Barlos 幫我們把重點翻譯成英文,在此公布,並同時補充在「本站被 Creative 委託的香港律師行警告信」一文中。

About “Installing UDA_beta driver with the Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 to get the same functions as the Audigy” incident back to the end of November, 2001, here is a general explanation by www.dearhoney.idv.tw in English (www.dearhoney.idv.tw from now on refer as “we”).

The method was first discovered and posted by a web site in China. One of our registered forum user form China posted the howto article in our discussion board on 2001-09-27. Due to the offensive title and some words, the Creative Technology, Ltd. mis-targeted and asked Baker & McKenzie Solicitor and Notaries at Hong Kong to sent an international legal letter to us. After consulting with Creative Taiwan, we made the following decision.

  1. We will help Creative by stopping our forum users from posting and spreading the UDA_beta driver download links.
  2. We also modified the article, especially removing the offensive words toward Creative.
  3. However, due to the fact by applying this method, SB Live 5.1 can get most of Audigy’s functions is undeniable. Even though there could be some unstable issues with this combination. We decided not to take off this thread from our discussion forum. This is also for protecting our registered forum users’ freedom of speech.


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