Creative 音效卡驅動程式更新

發現的太晚了,看到網友的訊息才得知….. 這次更新的驅動程式包括以下:Sound Blaster PCI64 & PCI32 for Win95/98

  • Allows simultaneous recording and playback (full-duplex) in DirectSound. Recording and playback sample rates are now independent.(從這一點看來,ES1370 已經可以同時錄放音了,果然印證當時我認為這只是驅動程式的問題)
  • Fixes DOS box wavetable synthesis (MIDI) problems.
  • Adds fixes to turn on Microphone Bias at all times. The Microphone Bias option is thus removed from the software.
  • Allows dynamic primary buffer sizes for Quake II games.
  • Improves startup quality in DirectSound buffers.

Ensoniq AudioPCI for WindowsNT 4.0

  • Adds stability fixes.
  • Supports large MIDI wavesets.
  • Solves system functionality problem when recording from Line in source.
  • Fixes shut-down problem (when mixer settings could not be saved.)

Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE for Win95/98

  • This new version solves the audio distortion problem on the Sound Blaster 16Xpress chip when left running overnight. Please refer to README.TXT for installation details.


除此之外,還有 Ensoniq AudioPCI 的 Win95/98 驅動程式,但是因為發現的太晚,相關訊息已經自 Creative 的網頁消失,所以不清楚新的驅動程式增加或修正了些什麼。原文相關訊息請看這邊


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