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    Morning! Do you happen to have the ROM file of MU100? I want to have its demo MIDI file dumped for public.
    Also, do you still have the PLG-150PF demo files? Currently I’m developing PLG-150PF support for Octavia, and it has already supported PLG-100SG and PLG-150VL.

    • DearHoney表示:

      Home Chrome Chrome Windows Windows 10

      Sorry, I have saled my MU100, and I don’t know how to get ROM if I still have MU100.

      I will send PLG-150PF demo files to you through e-mail.

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    Demo download: https://github.com/ltgcgo/octavia/tree/main/test/demo
    MU50 (TheMusithm.mid), MU Basic
    MU80 (OutOfTheMuse.mid), MU Basic
    MU90 (ninety_hipty.mid), MU Basic
    MU100 (MU100DEMO.mid, It’s an AmaZing MU World!!)
    MU1000 (PhoenixA.mid & PhoenixB.mid)

    Demo credits (see demo 1, 8, 9 and α): https://github.com/ltgcgo/octavia/blob/main/CREDITS.md#demo-credits


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